SOAP API is deprecated for Conga Contracts.

The Contracts Public API provides a set of web services for users to create and modify data in the system. The current version uses REST and SOAP (deprecated) which allows the creation and modification of Companies, Contracts, Documents, Forms, Payments, Company Persons, Projects, and Users. Each of these entities has a service which provides create, updateand query methods. The Document service has an additional getDocumentContents method to obtain the file contents, and the Contract service has getAdditionalParties and setAdditionalParties methods to create and modify contract additional parties.

Keep in mind that the product was named Novatus until the summer of 2018, as a result many of the calls continue to reference the old name.  The name of the product has been updated to reflect the new name of Conga Contracts, but the API calls retain the Novatus name.

Conga Contracts SOAP Guide explains the SOAP APIs provided by Conga Contracts.



What's CoveredThis guide walks the API developers through the complete list of SOAP APIs provided by Conga Contracts.
Primary AudienceSOAP API Developer
IT EnvironmentRefer to the latest Conga Contracts Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.
UpdatesFor a comprehensive list of updates to this guide for each release, refer to the What's New topic.
Other Resources
  • Conga Contracts User Guide: Refer to this guide for information on using Conga Contracts.
  • Conga Contracts Administrator Guide: Refer to this guide for information on setting-up Conga Contracts.
  • Conga Contracts REST API Guide: Refer to this guide for information on using Conga Contracts REST API.

This guide describes the following APIs:

  • Company Service
  • Contract Service
  • Document Service
  • Request Service
  • Dynamic For Service
  • Payment Service
  • User Service
  • Company Person Service
  • Project Service
  • Person Service
  • Event Service
  • List Admin Service

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