A document can be attached to a flow if a user wants to provide those who view the flow with a file that explains or verifies completion of an individual flow step, a stage in the flow, or the entire flow. The documents that can be attached to a flow include all the documents uploaded to the Company, Contract, or Project Profile for the flow, and any global documents that are available to the user who attaches the document to the flow.

  1. Open the Contract, Company, or Project Profile containing the flow that needs the document attachment.
  2. Click the gear icon, located to the right of the flow in the Profile screen, and select Manage Flow Documents in the menu.
  3. In the Flow Document Manager window, which can be resized and moved onscreen:
    • Locate the document in the Available Documents section, and click its + icon to add it to the Attached Documents section.
    • If the document you need is not listed in the default view, click the Company Documents or Global Documents tab to display a list of the company or global documents available.
    • (Optional) Manage, resize, and reorder the columns that display in the Attached Documents and/or Available Documents sections.
    • Click Save.