You can view a summary of the activities for all the stages and steps in a flow while the flow is still displayed in the Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen. The Flow Activities window provides key information, including the name of each step, its description, the dates on which the step was opened and completed, its duration and outcome, and the name of the person who completed the step, along with any notes they provided for the step. If a flow step was reassigned, that information is also available.

For flows that are no longer displayed at the top of a Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen, open the Workflows screen, and click the Flows tab. Locate the flow you want to review, and click on it to refresh the screen and display the activities for the flow.

  1. Open the Contract, Company, or Project Profile containing the flow whose activities you want to review.
  2. Click the gear icon, located to the right of the flow in the Profile screen, and select Show Activity Grid in the menu.
  3. In the Flow Activities window, which can be resized and moved onscreen:
  4. Review the information for each flow step, including its disposition in the Outcome column.
  5. If present, click Reassigned for a step to display its Reassignment History window, which provides information on the reassignment of the step. Click x to close the window.
  6. (Optional) Manage, resize, and reorder the columns that display in the window.
  7. Click x to close the window.