Conga Contracts provides three types of searches: Basic Search, Search Query, and Documents Search. A Basic Search locates a keyword or phrase that appears in the data stored in Company, Contract, and Document Profiles. A Search Query uses a set of criteria to locate specific information stored in Profiles, and a Documents Search locates documents stored in Profiles.

Conga Contracts allows you to perform three types of searches from the Navigation Toolbar using the Search option:

  • Basic Search to perform a quick search for text or a value. There are two versions of a basic search, and the version you have depends on a selection made by your System Administrator:
  • Classic Search – Names, keywords, values, and text strings are located in the fields of Contract and Company Profiles, as well as in the name of the Profile, and then results are displayed in a screen with Company Search and Contract Search sections. A separate Document Search is used to locate names, keywords, values, and text strings in the fields of Document Profiles, as well in the body of the document itself, which is uploaded to the Profile.
  • Elastic Search – The search can be filtered by companies, contracts, or documents using a Search list in the Navigation Toolbar. The list also contains an All option to display all search results. Boolean operators can be used to eliminate or include specific names, keywords, values, or text strings in the search.
  • Company search results are displayed in the All Companies screen, while contract results are displayed in the All Contracts screen. Both document search results and all search results are displayed in a screen with a format that is similar to Internet search engine results.
  • Search Query to perform a search using multiple criteria. Once a search query is saved, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Running a Saved Search Query Running a Saved Search Query to obtain results, which can then be exported to an existing Advanced Report, which has been formatted to your specifications. Search results can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, which you can also format to your specifications.
  • Sharing a Saved (Global) Search Query with other program users by making it a global search query.
  • Updating a Search Query to edit the criteria and descriptors for the saved search query.
  • Deleting a Search Query if it is no longer relevant.

You can also perform:

Document Search to search for one or more documents stored in Conga Contracts. The Document Search is not available as a separate option if your company is using the Elastic Search feature, which displays results found in Document Profiles, as well as Company and Contract Profiles.

  • Popular search, which locates and identifies all the documents stored in the Contract and/or Company Profiles for a specific company (or several companies) by running a profile documents search and then bulk downloading the documents.