A flow step that allows an email message to be sent directly from the step is a communication, or messaging step. The email message can be sent to any person listed in the Address Book. After the message is sent, the step must be completed in Conga Contracts.

A flow step can be completed from three locations: Email from Conga Contracts, Active Workflow Items Portlet, and Profile screen.

Email Message

In the email message from Conga Contracts:

  1. Click the Go To Contract, Go To Company, or Go To Project link.
  2. (Optional) Review the completed steps:
  3. Action step is displayed in grayed out text.
  4. Approval step is displayed as Approval when it has been approved, and Declined Approval when it has been declined.
  5. Hover over the notepad icon to display notes provided by the user who completed the step.
  6. Hover over the Approve icon to display a description of the approval step.
  7.  If no steps are displayed, click on the Stage header, which is a toggle bar to hide/display the steps in the stage.
  8. In the Profile screen, click Send.
  9. In the Messaging window, compose and send the message.
  10. In the Profile screen, click Complete Step to complete the step.
  11. (Optional) Click Override to skip the step.

Active Workflow Items Portlet

From the Active Workflow Items portlet in your Dashboard:

  1. Click the My Flow Steps tab, and locate the step you want to complete.
  2. Click on the step to display the Profile screen for the flow.
  3. Follow Steps 2-5 above in Email Message.
  4. Contract, Company, or Project Profile
  5. Open the Contract, Company, or Project Profile containing the flow step you want to complete.
  6. Follow Steps 2-5 above in Email Message.