Permission types grant users holding a role administrative permissions to program modules and access to modules that can be restricted. A role also identifies access to program data, the level of access, and the ability to upload documents to Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.

Permission types are one component of a role and grant users holding this role (1) administrative permissions in the Security, Configuration, or Global categories, which allow the administrator to add, modify, and delete information for a program module, and (2) access to program modules that can be restricted: Reporting, Advanced Reporting, Scheduled Reporting, BI Toolbox, Email Distribution Lists, Scorecard Viewing, Open in Word (Direct Editing), Bulk Data Upload Tool, Requestor for contract requests, and being an Approver for contract requests.

The second component of a role includes a security measure that controls access to program data, the level of access, and the ability to upload documents for the following groups:

Company Groups, Contract Groups, and Project Groups - Full, Viewable, Create, Modify, Documents, and Upload Documents check boxes are used to identify the level of access to each group, which determines the Company, Contract, or Project Profiles that are available to those assigned to this role.

  • Contract Groups also contain a Run eSignature Wizard check box to control user access to the eSignature Package Wizard for each contract group. Selecting no check boxes denies the users holding this role access to the Profiles in this group.
  • Additional Company, Contract, and Project Forms - Full, Viewable, Create, and Modify check boxes are used to identify the level of access to each additional form designated as restricted.
  • Document Types - Full, Viewable, Create, and Modify check boxes are used to identify the level of access to each document type, such as executed contracts.

Important: A program user is assigned one or more user roles to control the type and amount of data they can access, as well as the program tasks they can perform. Another level of security is applied using the User Type field in the User Profile.

As shown below, a Power User role for government contracts is given full access to only the Cost Reimbursement and Firm Fixed Price contracts, which includes the ability to view and edit existing Contract Profiles belonging to these contract groups, view documents stored in existing Profiles, as well as create new Contract Profiles and upload documents to the Profiles. The Power User is also granted the basic Reporting permission. To complete the role, the Power User must be granted access to Company Groups that compliment the selected Contract Groups, as well as any applicable Project Groups and Additional Forms. Security is applied to the role by selecting the Document Types that the Power User can view, create, and edit.

Default User and Administrator Permissions

Administrator permissions and user permissions to restricted modules can be granted to users by adding a separate role dedicated to a single permission or adding a new permission or restricted module to an existing role.


A System Admin role should be created to grant a power user all of the Admin permissions, including System Settings Admin, along with the user permissions of Approver, Requestor, Email Distribution Lists, Reporting, Advanced Reporting, Scheduled Reporting, Analytics (BI Toolbox), Scorecard Viewing, Direct Editing (Open in Word), and the Bulk Data Upload Tool.

Additional Forms Admin
  • View, create, and modify additional company, contract, and project forms.
  • View, create, and modify the additional fields in the Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.

Advanced Reporting
Create, format, edit, and generate advanced reports.
AnalyticsCreate, modify, and delete Analytics Reports.Create, modify, and delete Analytics Reports.
Approve contract requests.
BI Tool (replaces Analytics)Create, modify, and delete Analytics visualizations and reports.Create, modify, and delete Analytics visualizations and reports.
Bulk Data Upload ToolSimultaneously upload data for multiple companies, contracts, and additional forms using a spreadsheet.
Clause AdminCreate, modify, and delete clauses, regardless of the clause's security level.
Company AdminPerform administrative functions for companies, including using the wizards: Merger/ Acquisition, Change Name, Archive, and Mark as Legal Entity.
Contract AdminPerform administrative functions for contracts, such as archiving contracts, and using the wizards: Creation, Renew Contract, Document Package, Assign Contract, and eSignature Package.
Creation Template AdminView, create, modify, and delete creation templates used by the Creation Wizard.
Document Package AdminAdminister document packages in the program and in the Portal.
Email Distribution ListsView, create, modify, and delete email distribution lists.
eSignature AdminCreate and void DocuSign or Adobe Sign envelopes.
Flow AdminRun a flow on an existing Contract, Company, or Project Profile, view flows, override a flow step, and invalidate a flow.Users with this permission can perform all the Admin tasks, and participate in the following flow-related tasks: view flows and complete a flow step.
Flow Template Admin (Contract, Company, and Project)Review the components of a template and review flow steps and their properties; view flow templates; add a flow template; add a workflow to a flow template; filter, unnamed link, publish, copy, edit, delete, and inactivate/ reactivate a flow template; load a previous version of a flow template; and reorder flow templates.
Global Document AdminUpdate and delete global documents.
Global Messaging AdminView, create, modify, and delete global Dashboard messages.
Global Translation AdminTranslate and edit the translation of items in the List Administration screen; and download a translation file.
List AdminManage list values in List Administration screen for companies, contracts, projects, addresses, clauses, additional fields, additional forms, documents, global translations, people, company relationships, and workflow routing tables.
  • View, create, copy, edit, and delete event alert templates.
  • View, create, edit, and delete task lists.

Open In Word (Direct Editing)
Edit MS Word Documents inside Conga Contracts
Profile Rules AdminView, create, modify, and delete profile rules for both system (default) fields and additional fields in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.
  • View, create, modify, and delete profile rules for Company, Contract, and Project Additional Forms.

Project AdminCreate projects using teams, and modify projects.
Report AdminPerform administrative functions for reports.
Create, modify, generate, delete, copy, and share basic reports.
Request AdminView, create, copy, modify, and delete contract request types.
Request Unlock AdminView and unlock locked self-service contract requests.
Create contract requests (enhanced or legacy mode).
Restrict To My ContractsNote: This role overrides all other user roles.Limited to viewing the contracts for which the user has a responsibility; however, permissions to run the eSignature Package Wizard and download documents may also be granted.
Role AdminView, create, copy, modify, and delete users roles; generate a Role and Permissions Report; and view the history of changes to a role.
Scheduled Reporting

View, create, modify, and delete scheduled reports.

This permission allows selection of the user whose role(s) determine the amount and type of data in the report generated and scheduled for distribution. Based on the combined roles' access to document types, company/contract/project groups, and secure dynamic forms, the scheduled report can range from a filtered report to a comprehensive report.

View, create, modify, and delete scheduled reports.
Scorecard AdminView, create, modify, and delete scorecard Answer Profiles; view, create, modify, and delete Scorecard Components; and view, create, modify, and delete Scorecards.
Scorecard Viewing
View Company, Contract, and Project scorecards.
Supplier Registration AdminView and approve supplier registrations.
Supplier Registration Type AdminView, create, modify, and delete supplier registration types; add, edit, and delete documents from a supplier registration type.
System Settings AdminSend Global Messages; Configure System settings, Email settings, Integration settings for DocuSign (or Adobe Sign) and Salesforce, API settings, and Migration settings.
True-Up AccessGrant permission to display a True-Up button in the toolbar of a contract Document Profile.Use True-Up button to identify and select changes to be made to fields in Contract Profile screen based on document selected.
User AdminView a list of users, add users, copy user information, edit user information, disable/re-enable users, archive users, replace users, generate User Reports, and generate User Login Reports.
Word Add-In AccessInstall the Word Add-In plugin and update a Word document using the Clause Library.Install the Word Add-In plugin and update a Word document using the Clause Library.
Workflow AdminView, create, copy, modify, and delete the available Workflow Templates; view, create, copy, modify, and delete the various Workflow Teams; and view, create, copy, edit, and delete the various Routing Tables.

This role allows Administrators to perform both the administrative tasks shown above and the user tasks for any workflow. User tasks include (1) completing, reassigning, and approving any step in the workflow (2) managing workflow documents, and (3) editing, closing, and deleting the workflow.