The Contract Responsibility field list is a special list that ties together three elements in assigning a contract responsibility to a user in the Contract Profile screen:

  • Type of contract responsibility, such as Contract Manager or Attorney
  • User type in accessing the program (user, company contact, legal entity person, or external party), either through the Login screen or the Portal
  • Function(s) assigned to a user, company contact, legal entity person, or external party

A user with the List Admin permission creates a contract responsibility and then associates it to one or more functions and user types. Contract responsibilities are also used to set up the restrictions for the Requester and Approver roles used in a contract request template.

A List Admin should exercise care in setting up contract responsibilities since the dynamic between user functions and types may result in assigning a contract responsibility to a person who is not qualified. It is recommended that you test each responsibility individually by adding a contract to the system, adding the responsibility to the contract, and then viewing the list of people who can be assigned this responsibility. An easy alternative is to only assign user functions and leave all the user type check boxes empty.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists link in the menu.
  2. In the List Administration screen, scroll through the alphabetized list in the Fields Lists section until you locate the Contract (10 Items) category.
  3. Entering contract in the Search field and pressing the ENTER key will display only seven of the contract lists since three lists begin with the letter A (Additional Party Type, Address Type, and Agreement Type).


    If the list of contract responsibilities is lengthy, click Excel in the toolbar to generate a spreadsheet showing the existing responsibilities before adding a new one.

  4. In the Contract category, click Contract Responsibilities to display the Contract Responsibilities, Person Functions, and Person Type sections in the right side of the screen.
  5. Click Add in the toolbar to display a blank New Item record:
  6. Click in the Name field and type over the existing text to name the responsibility.
    • (Optional) Click in the Description field and type over the existing text to add a description.
    • (Optional) Select Sign in the eSignature Role list if a person with this contract responsibility has the authority to sign a contract document when the eSignature Package Wizard is run; otherwise, choose the blank (-) option.
    • Select the functions that a person must have to hold the contract responsibility in the Person Functions section by selecting one or more check boxes.
    • Select the user types that can hold the contract responsibility in the Person Types section by selecting one or more check boxes.
    • (Optional) Click the Required check box to make this responsibility a required field in all Contract Profile screens.
    • (Optional) Click the Disabled check box to temporarily remove this responsibility from the list of options when a user adds a contract responsibility in the Contract Profile screen.
  7. In the Person Functions section of the screen, select the check box(es) for the function(s) that individuals must have in their User Profile or Person Profile to be assigned this new contract responsibility.
  8. In the Person Type section, select the check box(es) for the person type(s) that can be assigned to this new contract responsibility.
  9. Click Save.