You need the System Settings Admin permission to integrate third party applications that work in conjunction with Contracts such as Salesforce, BidSync, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. DocuSign and Adobe Sign are applications that allow electronic signatures (eSignatures) to be obtained on a contract document in a secure environment.

BidSync is a tool used by Public Agencies to organize, automate, and manage their procurement process. It is also used by suppliers to increase their efficiency in responding to Public Agency requests for bids and proposals.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the System Settings link in the menu.
  2. In the System Settings screen, click the Integration Settings tab.
  3. In the Integration Settings screen, ensure theeSignature Settings tab, located along the left border of the screen, is selected. 


    If your system is not integrated with BidSync, there will be no tabs in this screen.

  4. Set the defaults for DocuSign or Adobe Sign:
    • Use Template Only - Select to compel the use of a template in identifying the signatories (and any recipients) for a contract when running the eSignature Package Wizard.
    • Use this option if you want users to select only signatories and recipients whose email addresses are listed in the Address Book.

    • Allow Advanced Templates and Actions - Select to give users access to the advanced options and actions offered by DocuSign when running the eSignature Package Wizard.

    • Automatically Complete eSignature Packages - Select to automatically complete the document packages that are created when the eSignature Package Wizard is run and the contract documents have been electronically signed by all the signatories.

    • Retain Original Document Type - Select to ensure the document being sent for electronic signature retains its original document type when it is signed and then saved as the final document in the Contract Profile.

    • Default Document Type for Signed Documents - If the Retain Original Document Type check box is not selected, select the document type you want to be assigned to the signed contract document.

    • Suppress eSignature Complete Email - Select to stop the system emails that are generated after the eSignature process is complete and the document package or eSignature package is closed.

    • Close eSignature Package When Declined - Select if you want Conga Contracts to automatically:

    • Move a contract flow to the next step when the eSignature Package Wizard is an approval step in the flow and any signatory selects the Decline option when requested to provide their electronic signature.

    • Close the eSignature package that is created when the eSignature Package Wizard is run, and any signatory selects the Decline option when requested to provide their electronic signature.

  5. Click Save.