A user with the Supplier Registration Type Admin permission can create a supplier registration type to generate a link to the Portal. The Admin then provides the link to the supplier, usually by copying and pasting it into an email message. In the Portal, the supplier registers as a user and provides the information required by the registration type to be considered as one of your company's suppliers.

The Supplier Registration Type Admin designs a supplier registration type by adding fields to the form to capture the information that will be evaluated in processing the registration. The fields that can be added include two system fields in the Company Profile (Company Type and Category), along with any additional fields that have been added to the Profile.

The Supplier Registration Type Admin may require one or more documents to be attached prior to submitting the registration for approval. The Admin must also identify the program users who can approve the registration.

Before creating a supplier registration type that requires the supplier to complete an attached document, be sure to have the correct document template available and ensure it is in a format that can be edited (filled in) by the supplier. Documents in PDF format cannot be edited by most users.

  1. Click Tools in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Supplier Registration Types link in the menu.
  2. In the Supplier Registration Types screen, click New in the toolbar.
  3. Populate the required fields:
    • Name - enter a distinct name for the supplier registration type.
    • Description - enter a description, taking into account the supplier will be able to view your description.
    • Supplier Instructions - enter (or paste) instructions to the supplier for completing the form, including information for any documents that need to be attached to the registration.
    • Your instructions will be the first thing the supplier sees once they log into the Portal and finish providing basic information for their company.
    • Approvers - select one or more program users who have the authority to approve this type of supplier registration.
  4. Add a field to the form:
    • Click Add Field in the toolbar.
    • In the Add Field prompt, make a selection in the Field Type list, and click Save.
  5. The list contains the Company Type and Category fields from the Company Profile, along with any additional fields that have been added to the Company Profile.


    To increase the viewable area in the bottom section of the screen, hover over the How To section until the icon displays. Click the icon and drag it upwards.

  6. Set the properties for the field by clicking the field to display its default values in the Field Properties grid.
    • (Optional) Drag-and-drop the field to another location in Column 1 or Column 2.
  7. In the Field Properties grid, click in the Value field to set any of the following properties:
    • Field Label - type over the existing text to change the name of the field.
    • Required - select the true option to make the field required or false to make it optional.
    • Quick Tip - enter (or paste) the information you want to display when the supplier hovers over the field.
    • Decimal Precision - this field is only present for a Currency field, and the number of decimal places can range from 0 to 5
    • Parent Field - this field is only present for a Linked Combo Field or a Linked Multi-select Field, and allows you to select a different Combo List as the parent field for the linked field.
    • Person Filter - this field is only present for a Person Field, and allows you to change the function of the person named in this field.
    • Default Value - this field is only present for a Hyperlink field, and is used to automatically populate the field. For example, the supplier can provide the URL for their company's website.
    • Field Type - this field cannot be edited.
    • Possible Values - this field displays only for fields that are lists.
  8. Click in the Value field to display a Select the possible values widow.
  9. In the Available Values list, click the values you want displayed as options in the field list.
  10. Click to move all the selected values to the Selected Values list.
    • Remove a selected value by clicking it in the Selected Values list and then clicking .
  11. Click Save.
  12. (Optional) Add an Information Panel to provide a heading for the fields in Column 1 or Column 2:


    To delete an Information Panel, right click it to display a button, and click the button.

    • Click Add Information Panel in the toolbar.
    • When the field displays at the bottom of the screen, click it to display its default values in the Field Properties grid.
    • Drag-and-drop the panel above the fields it will describe.
    • In the Field Properties grid, click in the Value field to set the following properties:
    • Display Text - enter the name for the column heading.

    • Style - select a formatting option for the column heading:

    • None - Text display is the default system text.

    • Exclamation - Display is a pink background and the icon.

    • Information - Display is a blue background and the icon.

    • Bold - Text displays in a bold font style.

  13. Click Save in the toolbar.
  14. When the screen refreshes, copy the URL that now displays in the Supplier Link field.
    • Provide the URL to any supplier who will be using this registration type to make a bid for your company's business in the Portal.
    • Copy and paste the URL into an email message and send it to the supplier, or place the link for the URL in a secure location on your company's website.

  15. Select one of the following options:
    • Attach a document to the registration type so the supplier can download the document, complete it, and upload the completed document.
    • Require the supplier to upload one or more of their company's documents.
    • Do not attach a document for the supplier registration type:
    • Click Back to Browse in the toolbar to return to the Supplier Registration Types screen.