A profile rule is similar to an "if...then" statement, and is used to link two fields in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile so that when a user populates one of the linked fields, Conga Contracts automatically determines the value or accessibility of the second linked field using a rule that is created by a user with the Profile Rules Admin permission. For example, a Profile Rules Admin can set up a rule that says "if a user selects Fixed - Manual Inactivate in the Term Type list in the Contract Profile screen, then the Notice Period field is automatically populated with the number 60 since the company policy for contracts of this term type is to provide 60 days notice of intent to renew or cancel.

A profile rule can be set up for:

  • Default field in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile screen, which is a Contracts defined field that appears in every Profile screen.
  • Additional field, which is an Administrator-defined field that is added to the default Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen. When an additional field is added, it becomes part of the default Profile screen and appears in the Additional Fields section of the screen.
  • Additional form, which is an Administrator-created form that contains fields designed to capture specific information for a Company, Contract, or Project Profile. When an additional form is captured, it is stored in the Additional Forms screen, which is linked to the Profile and accessed by clicking on the Additional Forms link.

In setting up a profile rule, a Profile Rules Admin first defines the condition (if a user selects an item in a field list or populates a field with a certain value), and then defines the actions. For a full list of actions, see Profile Rule Action Types. Some possible system actions include:

  • Make an optional field a required field, or make a required field an optional field
  • Disable a field, or enable a field
  • Hide a field, or show a field
  • Specify a default value for a field if there is no existing value
  • Force a value for a field
  • Set up a profile rule formula

Profile Rules Admins can perform the following tasks:

Profile Rules for Default and Additional Fields in a Profile Screen

Profile Rules for Contract, Company, and Project Additional Forms