Once a supplier registers in the Portal to become one of your company's vendors, they must provide basic company information in the default Supplier screen. In the Portal's Registrations screen, the vendor is typically required to provide additional information, as well as upload a requested document. For some supplier registrations, the vendor is required to download one of your company's documents, complete it, and then upload the completed document before submitting the registration.

If you have to exit the supplier registration process before submitting the registration, click the tab after logging back in to the Portal. Click a registration record to resume the supplier registration process.

  1. Copy and paste the URL, which was provide to you by a Conga Contracts representative, into a browser window.
  2. When the Conga Contracts Login screen displays, enter your credentials in the Email Address and Password fields, and click Login


    If you do not have a Portal account, you will be required to create an account by registering at the Login screen.

  3. In the default Supplier screen:
    • Populate the required fields and the known optional fields.
    • Hover over the icon to display information that will help you populate a field.

    • Click Save.

  4. When the Registrations screen displays:
    • Read the instructions provided to ensure you successfully complete the registration process.
    • Populate all fields to provide the requested information.
  5. Provide a required document using one of the following options:
    • Upload one of your company's documents:
    • Click in the Documents section of the screen.

    • In the Upload Document window:

    • Click Select to display a File Upload window:

    • Navigate to the document, and click it to select it.

    • Click Open.

    • Click in the Notes field and enter information for the document.

    • Click Submit.

    • Download a document that you are required to complete:

    • Click the document link in the Documents section of the screen.

    • In the Opening window:

    • Open the document in its default program, or click the Save File radio button to download a copy of the document.

    • Click OK.

    • Complete the document.

    • Follow the steps above for uploading the completed document, making sure to select the correct button.
    • (Optional) When your uploaded document displays as a link, and a button appears, use the Download and Upload buttons to download another instance of the document and then upload the completed document to the registration. 


      To edit your company's basic information, click the tab to redisplay the Supplier screen, and then click the Edit button to make the fields editable.

    • Click Submit.
  6. In the Confirm Submission window:
    • (Optional) Click in the Notes field and update the default text to provide additional information for the supplier registration.
    • Click Submit.