A Contract, Company, or Project Profile displays a flow comprised of stages and steps at the top of the screen whenever a flow has been associated with the Profile. Users must complete the steps in the flow to accomplish a process or procedure that is required for the contract, company, or project. If a flow incorporates an existing workflow, a Launch Workflow button displays in the flow, which runs the Workflow Wizard and then adds the workflow to the Profile.

Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same components also apply to a flow in a Company Profile and Project Profile, except for the Creation Template and eSignature steps.

Create buttonClick Create to run the Creation Wizard, which allows you to select a template for the wizard and create a contract using the information in the Contract Profile screen and any captured additional forms.
Complete Step buttonClick Complete to complete the step after you have performed the task associated with the action step.
Override buttonClick Override to skip any step in the flow, and proceed to the next step.
Reassign buttonClick Reassign to reassign the step to another user. The button is only present when the step is assigned to a specific user and they are allowed to reassign the step.
Notes buttonClick Notes prior to completing, overriding, or reassigning a step to provide information on your completion of the step or reason for skipping/reassigning the step.
Send button
  • Click Send to compose and send an email message for the step.
  • Click Complete after sending the message, or Override to skip the step.
Completed Action StepReview the action steps that have been completed for the flow, which are displayed in grayed out text.
Completed Approval Step
  • Review the approval steps that have been completed for the flow.
  • Hover over the green checkmark icon to display a pop-up with a description of the step that was approved or declined.
  • Identify an approved step, which includes a checkmark, from a declined step, which includes a red x..
Incomplete Approval StepClick Approve to approve the step, Decline to decline approval of the step, or Override. to skip the step.
  • Click Notes prior to approving/declining/overriding the step to provide information on your approval/declination, or to provide a reason for skipping the step.
Flow Step Note windowClick Notes to display the Flow Step Note window and provide notes on approving/declining (or completing) the step.
  • Enter your information in the text box.
  • Click Submit.
Notes iconClick the yellow notes icon to display the Flow Step Note window and review the notes provided by the user who completed the step, or hover over the icon to display a pop-up with the user's notes.
Closed StageIdentify the closed stages for the flow, which display with a green background.
Active StageIdentify the active stage for the flow, which displays with a gray background.
Active Action StepIdentify the step that is currently active for the flow, which is displayed in black text. An action step has three buttons: Complete Step, Override, and Notes, and may include a Reassign button. If the active step is an approval step, it will have four buttons: Approve, Decline, Override, and Notes, and may include a Reassign button.
Properties icon and Flow menuClick the cog icon to display a menu with four options for the flow:
  • Invalidate Flow - cancels the flow and removes it from the Profile
  • Show Activity Grid - displays the Flow Activities window, which provides information on the steps in the flow
  • Show Flow Diagram - displays the flow as a diagram with separate views for each stage of the flow
  • Manage Flow Documents - attach contract, company, project, and global documents to a flow for use in flow steps
  • The Invalidate Flow option is not available when a flow has been completed.
eSignature stepClick Launch eSignature to run the eSignature Package Wizard.

When the wizard is run, the step will display a Waiting on eSignature to Complete message until the document is signed, and then Conga Contracts will complete the step and move the flow to the next step.

Stage Header toggle barsClick on any stage header to hide/display the steps in the flows.