When you configure products for a Quote/Proposal, you can control which products from the price list are visible on the catalog page based on search filters, where you set up the criteria of your choice.

For example, your company has 2 types of accounts in a quote, Personal and Business, and the products are of types Personal, Business or Both. You can define filters to display only products that are valid for the type of account on the quote. If the account type is Business, only the products that are of type Business or Both are displayed. In this scenario, you need to create 2 Search Filters.

Within a search filter, you can select the header level fields of object records as Entry Criteria for deciding whether a price list's products will be filtered to a certain subset of the full list. This subset also uses the header level fields of object records to determine which products are displayed.

The system checks whether a search filter is applicable to the price list you are using whenever you go to the product selection page. When you click Configure Products in the Quote/Proposal, the search filter is executed.

You can also apply the visibility rules for the categories displayed on the Catalog page. This functionality allows you to display only the relevant categories to a Sales rep who sells only a specific set of products from the large catalog. By hiding only the relevant category, you can still allow the Sales rep to search for the products and add them to the Cart.

Filters defined in Search Filter (CPQ) are not applied on the Service Catalog, when the Sales rep uses Add/Remove and Add/Remove at all levels buttons available on the Service Cart page to navigate to the Service Catalog.

If you are hiding the product and its parent category, you need to configure two Search Filters, one for the product and another for the category.

Each visibility rule type runs in sequence. The rule stops processing after the criteria for the first rule is satisfied. If multiple visibility rules on the product are satisfied, only the first rule gets executed. If one visibility rule on the product and one on the category is satisfied, both rules get executed, since they are of different types.

For the Sales rep to see the Refine Your Search filters on the catalog page, ensure that you do not hide corresponding leaf categories. Refine Your Search that is applicable for the child category can only be used when such child categories are not made hidden through the Search Filter.

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