Once you have accepted the Quote/Proposal, an Order is created with the Status = New. All the Proposal Line Items are copied to the Asset Line Items and Order Line Items. To proceed further with creating Assets for the products/services listed in your Quote/Proposal, you must activate this Order.

You can activate an Order by following any of the below-mentioned procedures:

  • By selecting Auto-Activate Order check box on the Quote/Proposal page:
    If you choose this option, once you accept a Quote/Proposal, the Order is created and activated simultaneously.
  • By manually entering an Order-Activation Date:
    If you choose this option, you have to manually enter a Date and Time in the Order Activation Date field on the Quote/Proposal page.

Once activated, you can see the status of the Asset Line Items and Order Line Items is changed to Activated. See Managing Assets for more details.