CPQ sends a notification email to the quote owner after completing the cart finalization. You configure the template of the notification email to include a link that opens the associated quote for quick access. You must only configure this feature if you are upgrading CPQ to September '22 release or later.  Otherwise, if you are installing CPQ for the first time, the quote link is available by default.

To add proposal link to cart finalize notification email template

Perform the following steps.

  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup > Communication Templates > Classic Email Templates.
  2. Select the Apttus CPQ Email Templates folder.
  3. Click SplitCartFinalizeSuccess. Click Edit Template.
  4. Copy and paste the given code into the Email Content tab.

    Apttus Config & Pricing
    Email template for sending out finalize success email
    @2018 Apttus Inc. All rights reserved.
    <messaging:emailTemplate subject="{!relatedTo.Name} ({!relatedTo.Id}) - Task Successful"
    <messaging:htmlEmailBody >
        Hi {!relatedTo.LastModifiedBy.FirstName} {!relatedTo.LastModifiedBy.LastName},
        <br /> <br />
        The configuration has been finalized successfully -  <c:RecordLink recordId="{!relatedTo.Apttus_Config2__BusinessObjectRefId__c}" recordName=""/>.
  5. Click Save.