The Quote creation process involves product selection, configuring attributes, configuring options, and pricing the products. Pricing can be done only after you have added products to the shopping cart. The Quote/Proposal detail page is the gateway to select and configure your products, and later price and finalize them to generate a Quote/Proposal. When you configure products, Product Configuration is created on the Quote/Proposal detail page that holds the details about the product you configure on the cart including the options and attribute configuration and pricing configuration. 

The Quote creation process comprises the following four steps:

  • Select: This stage of the process enables you to select products from the Catalog page. You can select and add Standalone and Bundle products directly to the shopping cart or choose to configure products that have attributes or options associated with it. While doing this, you can also view the Product Summary by clicking a specific product, which lists the Product Code, Product Description, and whether a product has attributes and options associated with it.
  • Configure: On the Catalog page, if you choose to configure products, you can select attributes from the Attributes page or select options from the Options page.
  • Price: After you are done with your product selection or configuration, you can price them on the Shopping Cart page.
  • Finalize: Once your cart is complete, you can finalize the cart and your quote is ready to be generated.

Depending on your profile or any other business use case set for your organization, when you click Configure Products, you may view different versions of the following:

  • Catalog page, Attributes page, Options page, Cart page, and Assets page.
  • Action buttons like Next, Reprice, Save, and more.
  • Columns on the Cart page.

If your administrator implemented contract pricing, use the Configure Products (Contract Pricing) to add products to your quote. For more information, see Managing Contract Pricing.

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