Advanced Filters are real-time filters that you can define on the cart. After you add products to the cart you can filter them to find particular products on the Cart page. If you have applied Cart Views on the Cart page, you can use Advanced Filters functionality to narrow the results further. You can save the filters you defined by selecting the Save with Filters checkbox when creating Cart Views.

To apply advanced filters

  1. Go to Cart page.
  2. Click the Advanced Filter icon() .  A dialog box is displayed below the icon.
  3. Enter the following details and click Apply.


    Select the column based on which you want to filter the line items.

    You can only apply filters to the column defined in the default cart view.

    OperatorSelect a comparison operator.
    Field Value

    Enter the value of the column you selected in Field.

    If you select Field that is of type lookup with Lookup Field Settings, CPQ only displays the list of values that are saved in at least one line item configuration in the Cart.

    Consider Only Parent LinesSelect the checkbox to filter the line item based on standalone and bundle line items. The options line items are not considered in the filter.
    Select All Qualified Lines

    Select the checkbox to select the line items that fulfill the filter criteria. CPQ only selects line items on the current page in a paginated cart. You must navigate through other pages to allow CPQ to select qualified line items on those pages.

After you apply the filters, the line items are displayed based on the criteria. A counter is displayed next to the Advanced Filter icon that denotes the number of primary line items that fulfill the filter criteria. On the Advanced Filter dialog box, click Clear All, to remove the filter.

Advanced Filters on the cart feature has the following limitations.

  • Filters are not applied on Line Item fields of the following types
    • Multi-select Picklist
    • Actions
  • 'OR' operator is not supported. ‘AND’ operator is implicitly applied when you add more than one filter condition.

The filters applied on the cart are saved only in the main memory, which means that after applying filters if you navigate to another page, the filters are lost when you come back to the cart. However, if filters are saved in some custom view which is set as the default view then the cart will be loaded with this default view each time with the filters applied on the cart.