You can change the parameters of a bundle asset, much like you do with a standalone. On the Installed Products page,

  1.  Select the Bundle asset that you want to change and click Change. The cart page is displayed.
  2. To view the options, click the Show Options list below the product name.
  3. To change the options, click the wrench icon () next to the asset.
  4. From the list of displayed options, select the checkbox for options you want to include and deselect the checkbox for options you want to remove.

    If you deselect an option and reselect it on the Configuration page, CPQ restores the asset values for the fields added in the Asset Restore Fields setting, for the option line item on the Cart page. For more information, see Installed Products Settings and Use Case: Restoring Asset Values on Reselection of Cancelled Options During Change.

    If you deselect required options on the Configuration page, CPQ displays an error message and selects the options back after the pricing calculation is complete.

  5. Click Go to Pricing to load the cart.

    For Change: Configuration, terminating an asset from the original start date results in incorrect Net Price for the changed and upgraded asset line items.

  6. Enter values manually for the fields described in the Changing an Asset page

  7. Click Reprice and then Finalize.

You have successfully created a new order with different product options.