1. Click the All Tabs icon (). The All Tabs page is displayed.
  2. Search and click Accounts. The Accounts page is displayed.
  3. Click New. The New Account page is displayed.
  4. In the Account Name filed, enter a name for the account and click Save. For example, AutoQuotePartnerAccount.
  5. On the Manage External Account button, click Enable As Partner. A confirmation pop-up is displayed.

  6. Click OK. The AutoQuotePartnerAccount partner account is created. You must complete the following configuration.

To create a user

  1. Go to the Contacts related list on the account (for example, AutoQuotePartnerAccount) and click New Contact.
  2. From the Salutation drop-down, select a salutation for the contact. For example, Mr.
  3. In the First Name field, enter the first name of the contact. For example, AutoQuote.
  4. In the Last Name field, enter the last name of the contact. For example, PartnerContact.
  5. In the Email field, enter the email ID of the contact.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the Manage External User button, click Enable Partner User. The New User page is displayed where the First Name, Last Name, and Alias fields are auto-populated.

  8. From the User License drop-down, select Partner Community.
  9. From the Profile drop-down, select a profile. For example, Partner Community User Cloned.
  10. In the Email field, enter the email ID.
  11. In the Username field, enter partner@conga.com.xxxxxxx (here xxxxxxx is your sandbox name).
  12. Select the Active checkbox.
  13. Select the Salesforce CRM Content User checkbox.
  14. Click Save. A confirmation pop-up is displayed.
  15. Click OK.

To assign permission set to the user

  1. Go to the Permission Set Assignments related list on the user (for example, AutoQuote PartnerContact) and click Edit Assignments.
  2. From the Available Permission Sets list, select the required permission set. For example, CPQ Sales User – Partner.
  3. Click Add to move it to the Enabled Permission Sets list.
  4. Click Save.