This page contains the settings to determine the custom or out-of-the-box pages when an end user clicks Configure Products button. Once setup, these flow settings override the Visualforce pages setup in custom settings.

  1. On App Menu, click Conga CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. Click the more icon () on the top-right corner and select Application Management.
  3. Click Flow Management.
  4. Enter details in one or more of the following sections, based on your organization's requirement.

    Flow NameType a mandatory name for the flow.
    AssetsPageType the Visualforce page name for assets. Valid values are:
    • SelectInstalledProducts
    • SelectInstalledProductsEn
    CartPageType the Visualforce page name for cart. Valid values are:
    • Apttus_Config2__CartDetailView
    • Apttus_Config2__CartView

    If you want to view the cart with the new Grid UI, name the cart page as Apttus_Config2__Cart#cartgrid.

    CatalogPageType the Visualforce page name for product selection. Valid values are:
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigProducts
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigProductsFilterView

    Type the options page to capture the options for a bundle product. Valid values are:

    • Apttus_Config2__ConfigureBundle
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigOptions
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigOptionsTabView
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigOptionsListView
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigOptionsTreeView
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectConfigOptionsDetailView
    • Apttus_Config2__SelectBundleOptions

    Do not use the SelectBundleOptions page from your drop-down list, it is no longer supported.

    ProductAttributeDetailPageType the Visualforce page name to capture product attribute detail information. Valid value is:
    • Apttus_Config2__ProductAttributeDetail3