Numeric expression is the extended custom implementation of SFDC formula builder, which is fine tuned by Conga. Numeric expression follows the syntax of SFDC formula and it provides all logical, text, date & time, math functions along with standard arithmetic operations. Note that numeric expression works for number fields.

Where you can use numeric expressions?

  • To set the attribute value
  • To set the minimum, maximum, and total quantity at the option group level
  • To set the minimum, maximum, and default quantity at the option group level
  • To define numeric rollups at product, product group, and cart level
  • To set the criteria of product attribute rule (PAR)

The Conga Expression builder feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature, click Custom Settings > Config System Properties > System Properties > Enable Field Expressions.

Use Case:

Consider a requirement to configure a home solar power starter bundle for SunHome. This product converts sun light on the panels into electricity for a small household. The bundle auto-includes two key components:

  • 80–100 watt solar panels
  • 12v @ 105 AH batteries

To find the right quantities of the panels and the batteries required, you must note the electricity usage to calculate the total daily watt-hour and battery capacity requirements. The bundle also requires the calculated number of wires to be selected where the wiring length can vary based on the site study. The derivation is:

To meet this requirement, you must create:

  • Summary of Usage attribute group, which contains attributes such as Refrigerator Run Time, Television Run Time, and Microwave Run Time, and receives inputs from the user.
  • Summary of WattHours required attribute group, which contains attributes that derive the values from the attributes above, using the numeric expression builder.
  • SunHome included component option group, which contains options that derive the default quantity from the attributes of the Summary of WattHours required, using numeric expression builder.

Using the expression builder, you can create numeric expressions to complete the following tasks.

  • Populate product attribute values
  • Set the min/max quantity for any option and option group
  • Set the default quantity or the min/max quantity for any bundle option

To configure numeric expressions, you must complete the following processes.