After configuring the price pipeline, you must configure the price waterfall to a specific price pipeline.

To configure a price waterfall:

  1. In the App Menu, click Apttus CPQ Admin and then click the Admin UI tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. Select Pricing > Manage Price Pipeline.
  3. Click the required Price Pipeline > Click the WATERFALL SETUP tab.

  4. Update the following details and click Save.

    NameName of the price waterfall.
    DescriptionProvide a description.

    Allows you to set criteria for a line item rule or a bundle, depending on the Application level you have selected, such that the ruleset only applies when it satisfies a line-level field value or a product attribute value. Click the icon to fill in your criteria.

    Price Point Restriction

    Set the visibility restriction on price points. This option allows you to control the visibility of price points for the user. 

    Cart Line Items Field
    1. Click the text box in the name column and select the desired Line Item field from the list.
    2. Is Editable: This enables you to modify the price point on the Waterfall page. For example, if you enable this option for the cart line item Quantity, then the sales representative can modify the quantity of the product on the waterfall chart and apply it to the price. Move the slider to enable the Is Editable option.
    3. Click the '+' icon to add new field names.
    4. Click Save.