To configure the custom fields

  1. Go to App Setup > Create > Objects and select Search Attribute Value.
  2. Go to Custom Fields & Relationships and click New.
  3. Select Picklist data type and click Next.
  4. Enter the details:

    Field LabelThis is the question. This is the text that will be displayed in the Refine Your Search box when you are selecting your products. It is also displayed in the product's Product Elements section.
    List of valuesThese are the answers. From the Product Catalog these are the options you can choose from to refine your search on the Products page. From the product record you can select one of these values for the product.
    Field NameThis is the basis for the Salesforce API name, which is referenced in Search Filter Fields. The API name takes the field name and appends__cto it.
    Description & Help TextStandard Salesforce description and help text fields.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select which profiles will have access to the field and click Next.
  7. Ensure the field is added to available layout and click Save.

The new custom field is created and can now be associated with the Category Hierarchy search fields.

You must now complete the same task again, creating the same field label, values, and field name, but for Products. Go to App Setup > Customize > Products > Fields and then begin from Step 2.

If you want to change the default placement of the fields, you can reorganize them, by editing the page layout. To help group them together, typically the products custom field would be placed in a Product Elements section for the Products page layout.