You can create a price ramp for a bundle product or for an option inside the bundle. You can create ramp lines to spread across time periods and add new ramp lines, create user ramps where from one period to the next the quantity (the number of users) increases (user count/quantity ramp), and also create revenue ramps where from one period to the next the level of revenue commitment increases (total price/override ramp).

CPQ currently allows you to create and finalize a quote with 100 line items with a maximum of five ramps each. These line items can be standalone products or bundles with options. These line items can be 100 options in a single bundle.

You can also create price ramps for products with Related Pricing. When a standalone or a bundle product with options has Price Method = Related Pricing, you can create price ramps.

CPQ considers only the following line items as sources while calculating the base price for an option:

  • One time charges
  • Recurring charges that have a period overlap with the option

While creating ramps the start date, end date and quantity are required fields. Ensure that the dates must not overlap between ramps.

You cannot create ramps and tiers both for an option.