After product selection and configuration, you are redirected to the Shopping Cart page. The Edit Price Agreement button enables you to add and set prices for a product that are to be associated with your contract. When you renew your contract or regenerate a contract the defined price agreement prices are applicable.

  • You can use Edit Price Agreement action button only when the Quote Intent is selected as Order.

To edit a price agreement

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, click the action drop down next to the Finalize button and select Edit Price Agreement.
  2. Click Add More Products to add products the contract.
  3. Select the products from the list and click OK. You can also search for the product using Product Name, Product Code, or Product family.
  4. Specify the quantity range for the product in the From and To fields. To define product quantity ranges, such as 1-20, 21-50, click +.
  5. Specify the Start and End Date ranges during which the product is valid.
  6. Specify the Unit Price, Flat Price, and adjustments if any for a specific quantity range.
  7. Click Save.

After you finalize the agreement and are redirected to your contract, the price agreement that you save will be associated with your contract as the new Price List.