If you use Conga Billing, you must consider the impact of each asset action, RenewChange, Swap or Terminate has on the Billing and Invoicing of the purchased products. While the impact of asset actions on Billing Schedules are detailed in this guide, you must also consider the following definitions before you make any changes to an asset.


Period Start Date

The date you want to start billing your customer for this purchase.

Period End Date

The date you want to stop billing your customer for this purchase.
Proration Period Treatment

The way of calculating the proration period.

It must be set to Separate Period.

Billing Rule

The rule you defined to either Bill in Advance or Bill in Arrears.

Billing Plan
  • Periodic - to bill your customer on fixed billing dates that represent custom billing periods that may or may not have a regular frequency.
  • Milestone - to distribute the total amount to be billed over multiple billing dates. As each milestone is successfully reached, you can bill your customer either a percentage of the entire cost or a pre-defined amount.
Billing Day of the Month

If you have configured Billing Preference with Account Billing Day of Month, select the day of the month when you want to generate the bill for this account.

If you have configured Billing Cycle Start = Billing Day of Month, this field cannot be null.

Billing Cycle Start

Select one of the following options:

  • Billing Day of the Month - Select this option to start the billing cycle on the billing day of the month.
  • Period Start Date - Select this option to enable Conga Billing to inherit this value from CPQ.
  • Account Billing Day of the Month - Select this option if you want to define the Billing Preference to use the Billing Day of the Month that you have defined on the Accounts page.
Is Legacy For Billing

Determines whether an asset line is considered as a legacy record for billing purposes. Conga Billing can now support billing for legacy asset line items. Select this checkbox to identify an asset line line item as a legacy asset. When you select this checkbox, CPQ allows you to update the following fields:

  • Remaining Billable Amount
  • First Billing Date
  • Billing Term
Remaining Billable Amount

Determines how much is remaining to be billed for the legacy asset line item after it is migrated to Conga. Whenever the status of a billing schedule changes from Pending Billing to Invoiced and from Invoiced to Pending Billing, Conga Billing updates this field.

First Billing Date

Determines the first day of billing an asset line item in Conga. This field is primarily intended to be used for the legacy asset records. However, you can extend it to some regular asset lines records.

Billing Term

Determines the term for which an asset line item must be billed. This field is primarily intended to be used for the legacy asset records. However, you can extend it to some regular asset lines records.

Scroll down to the Billing Schedule section on the Asset Line Item detail page to view the Billing and Usage schedules for that asset.