This section explains how you can manage assets in the Contract flow.


The custom setting Auto Create Order must be set to True under Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Comply System Properties.

To manage assets in the contract flow

  1. In the Salesforce org, select Conga Contract Management.
  2. On the Agreements tab, click New.
  3. Enter required details, such as Agreement Name, Agreement Start Date, and Agreement End Date.
  4. Select the Single Transaction Adjustment checkbox to control the adjustment of the billing based on the context in which the discount is applied. When you select this checkbox on an agreement, billing schedules are adjusted from the start of the contract term. For more information, see Calculating Billing Amount based on the Contract Term and the Single Transaction Adjustment Flag.
  5. Associate an Account and a Price List to your agreement record.
  6. Click Configure Products to navigate to the Catalog and configure the required products with options and attributes.
  7. After the configuration is finalized, click Finalize to navigate back to the agreement. CPQ creates the agreement line items, which are visible under the Agreement Line Items related list.
  8. Now that your line items finalized, click Generate to generate an agreement document.
  9. After the negotiations with your customer is complete, click Activate to put the agreement in effect.
  10. Refresh the org to see that the Order and Order Line Items related lists now contain records.

  11. Go to your order record and enter the Ready for Activation Date and click Save
    After you activate the order, assets are generated. On the account, the Status of all your Order Line Items and Asset Line Items is Activated.