You can use Product Rules to regulate the selection of the products by the Sales rep on the Catalog page. When the Catalog exceeds a simple number of products, it can be difficult for the Sales rep to find their desired product based on the specific requirements of the company. Product Rules can guide the Sales rep to follow what is best and compliant for the company.

For example, your company sells a range of products and there are certain regulations you must follow to sell the products, for example, there are products that cannot be sold together, products that cannot be sold in certain regions, or products that must be sold along with another product. You can define rules for such scenarios to help the Sales rep avoid selling a partial product or sell products they are not supposed to.

Product Rules consist of a set of conditions and actions. The rules are invoked when the conditions are satisfied and based on the definitions of the rules, actions are executed on the Catalog page. You can manage them from the Manage Rules tab in CPQ Admin.

You can configure the following types of rules:

  • Constraint Rules: Configuration rules used to conditionally include, exclude, recommend, replace, or validate a product or set of products based on other products or set of products added to the cart.
  • Attribute-based Configuration: Helps you modify the product configuration on your cart based on the selection of product attributes using Product Attribute Rules and Attribute Value Matix.