CPQ provides the Search Products feature on the Installed Products Asset Grid page only and lets you search by option as well. Fully or partially searching the install base of the option name returns all the bundles with that particular option including nested bundle options. You can apply other filters to the install base in addition to the search based on the option name. If the product catalog does not have bundles with that option, it presents a message that bundles with that option could not be found in the install base. Option-based search works in accordance with existing features such as Asset Source, Account Hierarchy, and Pagination. 

In the Search Products field, you can enter a keyword, option, option name, partial name, or special characters (single character, multiple characters, or a combination of characters with alphabets) to search assets. Based on the following values, CPQ determines which asset lines associated with a product must be searched:

  • Product Name
  • Product Family
  • Product Code
  • Product Description
  • Configuration Type

After fetching results using Search Products, you can further filter your search using Account Hierarchy and Filter By functions. The Filter By function provides two options: Basic Search and Advanced Search. The Advanced Search allows you to define your own query to select asset line items. It uses only the Asset Line Item fields for the definition of the query. CPQ does not currently support searching records based on related objects such as attributes. The Advanced Search filters search results (Search Products) if there are any criteria applied while searching assets using Search Products. If there are no criteria applied, the Advanced Search directly works on asset line items and retrieves the first 20,000 records.

When you clear the search criteria from a secondary or tertiary level search, it does not impact the search criteria of higher level search. For example, clearing the search criteria of Filter By fields does not reset the search criteria of Account Hierarchy.

The current pagination on the Installed Products page supports only 20,000 records. If the install base has more than 20,000 records, you must apply a filter on the install base to see the relevant records. The filter can be Search Products, Accounts Hierarchy, or Filter By. If you do not apply any filter, CPQ displays only the first 20,000 records on the Installed Products page. 

For example, the install base has 100,000 bundles (as counted by the bundle primary line). After you apply the Search Products filter, CPQ retrieves 45,000 bundles out of which CPQ displays only the first 20,000 bundles (as counted by the bundle primary line) on the Installed Products page. You can apply other filters (Accounts Hierarchy and Filter By) on this subset of 45,000 bundles to bring the search results further down to 20,000 bundles or less.

Alternately, you can directly apply filters (Accounts Hierarchy and Filter By) on the original set of 100,000 bundles. If that search retrieves under 20,000 records, all results are displayed on the Installed Products page. If that search retrieves 45,000 records, only the first 20,000 records are displayed and you must modify the search further to see all intended records.

Sorting Product Items Per Page

By default, you can sort 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 200 assets per page. In addition, you can set the custom value in the Config User Preferences custom setting. This feature works in association with the search and filter functions to display search records per page. You can use the Previous and Next buttons to move to the next or the previous pages. You can also jump to a certain page using the page search component.