This use case describes how to associate a service bundle with an asset bundle. The following table lists a sample asset bundle and a service bundle.

Asset Bundle 1Service Bundle 1
Asset Bundle Option 1Service Bundle Option 1
Asset Bundle Option 2Service Bundle Option 2
Asset Bundle Option 3Service Bundle Option 3
Asset Bundle Option 4Service Bundle Option 4


  1. Create a quote.
  2. Navigate to the Installed Products page.
  3. On the Purchased Products tab, select Asset Bundle 1.

  4. Click Relate. The Service Catalog is displayed.

  5. Select Service Bundle 1 and click Configure. The Config page is displayed.

  6. Click Go to Pricing. The Service Cart is displayed.

  7. Hover the mouse on Service Bundle 1, click the more icon () and select Related Line Items. You can see Asset Bundle 1.
  8. Finalize the cart.

  9. After your customer accepts the quote, an order is generated.

  10. After you activate the order, new service asset Service Bundle 1 is generated. The service asset is active and visible on the account.

  11. Navigate to the Installed products page. You can see the association between the service asset and equipment asset on the Purchased Products tab and the Related Purchases tab.