In this use case, you will create a price matrix using a CPQ formula field in the Adjustment Amount Source column. You want 

  1. Create a formula field Auto_Pricing_FormulaPricing_NumericField on the Number of Beds (custom) field on the line item.

  2. Create a price matrix with Matrix Type as Dimension.

  3. From the Dimension drop-down, select a price dimension on quantity.

  4. From Dimension Value Type, select Range and save the matrix.
  5. In the <Dimension_Name> column, enter 10.
  6. From Adjustment Type, select % Discount.
  7. In the Adjustment Amount Source column, select Auto_Pricing_FormulaPricing_NumericField.

If the Sales Representative enters 20 in the Number of Beds field, the value of the formula field is 20. CPQ populates the same value of 20 in the Adjustment Source Amount field. CPQ applies 20% discount on the quantity from 1 to 10.