1. Go to the contact that you created (for example, AutoQuote PartnerContact).
  2. Click Login to Experience as User.
    • If you have multiple communities, CPQ prompts you to select a community.
    • If you have only one community, CPQ navigates you to the community home page.
  3. On the Quotes tab, click New.
  4. Select a record type as Proposal and click Next.
  5. Verify if all required fields are visible. If not, you must verify Field-Level Security configuration.
  6. Select the quote you created and assign a price list.
  7. Click Configure Products Partners. The cart configuration page is displayed.
  8. Select the required products and finalize the cart.

    If CPQ did not launch the cart, verify sharing settings or field-level access again. You must enable subscriber logs to get more detail.