The Service Catalog works similar to the Product Catalog. The Service Catalog displays all products for which your administrator has set Product Type as Service. The services on the Service Catalog are displayed based on how your administrator has configured the service categories into offering, service categories, service bundles, standalone services and option services. You can see and configure the service offerings (entitlements) that are applicable to your assets. CPQ disables the non-eligible entitlements for selection on the Service Catalog. If you select an entitlement that is not applicable to any asset, CPQ displays an error message.

If your administrator has configured constraint rules for services, the Service Catalog displays only the eligible service products that you can associate with the selected assets. When you relate an asset bundle, the eligibility rule is triggered at the option and bundle level. Based on the eligible purchases for the option of a service, you can do the following:

  • Sell services for a bundle or option
  • Select the options for which you want to add a service coverage

CPQ supports the catalog actions on the Service Catalog also. For example, searching for services, configuring service bundles, adding services to the cart, and changing the quantity of services. The Service Catalog also displays product description, product code, and charge types beside services. However, CPQ does not support Favorites in the Service CPQ flow.

You can perform the following actions on the Service Catalog:

  1. Search for a particular service. For more information, see Searching Products from the Catalog.
  2. Select a service and click Add to Cart to add it directly to the Cart. For more information, see Working with the Service Cart.
  3. Click Configure next to a service that has attributes or options associated with it. The Config page is displayed. For more information, see Configuring Service Products
  4. Click the Selected Assets link to view the assets and their corresponding details. The Selected Assets pop-up displays the assets that you selected on the Purchased Products tab on the Installed Products page.
  5. Click Update if you navigated to the Installed Products page from the Service Cart and modified asset selection. For more information, see Working with the Service Cart. After the update is complete, click the View Cart in the Mini-Cart to go to the Service Cart.

    Before the progress bar is loaded completely, do not to click Update on the Service Catalog. If you click Update before the progress bar loading is complete, CPQ allows you to add a related line item, but CPQ does not redistribute the Weightage Percentage and Weightage Amount field values on the Cart when you view Related Line Items.