1. Select an existing price list item, click the more icon (), and click Advanced.
  2. Click the DETAILS tab.
  3. Enter the following details:

    Price ListDisplays the price list, which is disabled for editing.
    Charge Type Criteria

    Click the  icon and configure a charge type criteria and click Save.

    This is used for conditional charge types that are included only if a certain criteria is met and as part of adding the main product to the cart. Setting this criteria either by Line Item or Attribute field will only apply this price list item under those conditions. For example, this may be a charge type based on workstations; whereas the product may have a charge type based on users.

    A product should have at least one Price List Item without any charge type criteria, only then the pricing happens to the product in the Cart.

    If you are using the Charge Type Criteria setting, you must define a criteria for all PLIs. Ensure that you do not define that same criteria for more than one PLI. The criteria must be mutually exclusive so that CPQ does not apply two PLIs while pricing a product.

    ProductSearch and select a product.
    Charge TypeSelect a charge type. These are a separate, identifiable element of charges that can be used for pricing. For example: Standard Price, Maintenance Fee, Installation Fee, and more.
    ActiveTo make the price list item active, turn on the toggle button.
    SequenceEnter a sequence for the price list item.
    List PriceType a list price for a product in the price list item. If the price list item has matrices or may be overridden, enter 0 as the list price.

    Type a cost of a product.

    You can set the cost in the price list currency. If the quote price list is in a different currency, the sales user will see the cost with the correct conversion rate applied. The subsequent fields of cost such as base cost, base extended cost, and extended cost are calculated after the currency conversion. If the Disable Based On Currency Adjustment setting is enabled on the price list, the currency conversion is not applied.

    Effective DateEnter an effective date for the price list item.
    Expiration DateEnter an expiry date for the price list item.
    Price TypeSelect One Time, Recurring, or Usage. Selecting Recurring or Usage enables the Frequency field. For instance, if you add a subscription product, you will choose type as recurring and then specify the frequency as monthly, yearly, and so on.

    Example: You charge 1$ per month for a term of 1year, the price is calculated accordingly.

    FrequencyThis is based on your selection from the Price Type field. Select an option to indicate how often the product will be charged.
    Price Method

    Select one of the following:

    • Per Unit: Multiplies the price with the quantity.
    • Flat Price: Applies a flat price.
    • Percentage: Enables the Percent, Percent Applies To, Related Price List Item fields.
    • Related Price: Used when the price is calculated as a function of the price of other lines in the same shopping cart.
    • Tiered Rate: Default price method for Usage Price Type.

      If you select Usage in the Price Type field, you must ideally select Tiered Rate in the Price Method field. This is the right combination for the Price Type and Price Method fields. CPQ does not prevent you from creating other combinations, but you might not get appropriate results.

  4. Click Save.