As an administrator, you can now vary the Catalog, Options, Attributes, Installed Products and Cart pages that an end user interacts with as well as the data and actions within those pages based on the end user profile and other business rules. This is made possible by introducing the concept of Flows. Flows are groups of pages that are assigned to each step in the CPQ process. Earlier the only option to set up the Visualforce pages was through custom settings.

You can now use Flow Settings to assign custom or out-of-the-box pages to each step and configure the fields and actions that are visible within each page. You can then create criteria that would determine the Flow which in turn determines the pages that are displayed when an end user clicks the Configure Products button. These flow settings once setup, override the Visualforce pages setup in custom settings.

To create flows using flow settings

  1. Click  and click Config Settings.
  2. Click Flow Settings.
  3. In Name, type a name for the flow. For example: Sample Flow
  4. Type the Visualforce pages in the following fields:
    • Assets Page
    • Cart Page
    • Catalog Page
    • Options Page
    • Product Attribute Detail Page
    Hover the mouse over  to see valid values for each field.
  5. To add the new flow, click Add. An entry is added to the list below.

    Default - When there is no flow created, the system uses the Default flow.
    Custom Flow - In this example, Sample Flow is the custom flow created.
  6. Click Save.

A new flow is added and saved. Use the flow name you just created in the parameter to pass on for the Configure Products button.

To set up the configure products button to use the flow

You must have an existing flow.

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Scroll down to select the Quote/Proposal object and from the Custom Fields & Relationships related list, select Configure Products.
  3. Click Edit and insert the flow name in the parameter as below.

    IF ( LEN(Apttus_QPConfig__PriceListId__c ) > 0 , HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_QPConfig__ProposalConfiguration?id=" &Id+'&flow=Sample Flow', IMAGE("/resource/Apttus_QPConfig__Button_Configure", "Configure Products"),"_self"), NULL)where flow=<name of the flow you created>
  4. Click Save.

The parameter is saved for the Configure Products button. On the Quote/Proposal page when you click the Configure Products button, all the pages appear as defined in the flow. You can modify the columns and actions that you want to use with the flow you created.

To set up columns and actions for flows

You must have an existing flow.

  1. Click  and click Config Settings.
  2. For setting up columns or actions or both for the custom flow, do one or more of the following:.
    • For columns, click Display Column Settings
    • For Actions, click Display Action Settings
  3. Select a Display Type and from Flow, select the flow you created.
  4. Click Save.

The custom display columns and actions are set for the flow you created. All the Visualforce pages that you set up in the flow are displayed with the columns and actions set up in the config settings. If you select Default flow, the system displays the columns and actions set up in the Default flow. Clicking the Load Default Settings button will override all the columns and action settings to out-of-the-box settings in the Default flow.