As a Collaborator, you will receive a notification when the Sales Rep assigns a collaboration request to you. If the Sales Rep assigns you the collaboration as User, you can directly configure the collaboration request. Whereas, if the collaboration request is assigned to you as a member of the Queue, you must claim ownership of the collaboration request. After you have been assigned the request, you can start working on the configuration. When you finish working on the configuration, you must submit the configuration back to the Sales Rep.

You can access the collaboration request in the Collaboration Request tab in All Tabs. The Collaboration Request Detail page holds all the information about the configuration sent by the Sales Rep such as Collaboration Status, Specifications, Priority. You can open the configuration in the Cart using the Configure Product button.

Unless you own a particular Collaboration Request, you cannot see the Configure Products button on the detail layout. Even if the Collaboration Request is assigned to a Queue and the currently logged-in User is a member of that Queue, he does not see the Configure Products button unless he accepts the collaboration request.

Taking ownership of the collaboration request assigned to a Queue

  1. Go to All Tabs > Collaboration Requests.
  2. From View drop-down, select the appropriate Queue and Click Go!.
  3. Click the Collaboration Request Id to view the details of the configuration request.
  4. In the Collaboration Request Detail page, use the Owner field to change the ownership from Queue name to the Collaborator username.
  5. In the Collaboration Request Detail page, click Configure Products button under Action column to work on the configuration request.

To work on the collaboration request

You can work on the collaboration request sent to you by opening the configuration in a Cart. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the link provided in the notification email that you received
    Go to All Tabs or click All Tabs icon()> Collaboration Requests.
  2. Click Collaboration Request Id to access the specific collaboration request.
  3. Click the Configure Products button on the Collaboration Request Detail page to start working on the configuration assigned to you. You are redirected to the cart page to perform the configuration tasks.
  4. Update the fields of the line item as you desire.
    1. You can add, delete, and replace products in the cart including product for which the Sales Rep initiated the collaboration request.
    2. You can further request another user or queue to collaborate on the configuration assigned to you and initiate a sequential collaboration.

      If you initiate a sequential collaboration, you cannot submit the configuration until you close the collaboration request you initiated. Otherwise, the Sales Rep is not able to finalize the cart or send it for approval. 

      For example, a Sales Rep assigns a collaboration request to you, which you further assign to Collaborator B. Collaborator B's completed configuration must be merged with your configuration, and your completed configuration must then be merged with the Sales rep's configuration. 

  5. Click Submit For Merge to submit the completed configuration back to the Sales Rep.

    When the Sales Rep deletes a line item associated with a work-in-progress collaboration request, the corresponding request gets deleted automatically. Hence, you will not be able cannot access and continue working on the collaboration request even by clicking on the email link. 

Once you submit the completed collaboration request, the Sales Rep can review and merge the configurations as explained in the Merging the Configurations in the Parent Cart section.