This custom setting holds the default value for the asset pricing indicator associated with a line status. The value defined in the setting is only applicable on the line status defined. Create different data sets for different line statuses. Click Manage then click New to create a new record. Specify the exact value of line status in Name. Examples of valid values are Renewed, Amended. The list of valid line status values is defined in the Line Item object. Define the field mentioned in the table as desired and click Save.

Default Asset Pricing Indicator?

Select this checkbox to enable asset pricing by default for Asset Related Line items associated with the given line status.

CPQ applies Price Escalator on new ramp lines created during ABO operations regardless of the Default Asset Pricing Indicator? setting (true or false). A new ramp line always gets its value from the price list item (PLI) pricing. For more information, see Use Case: Applying Price Escalator on New Ramp Lines During ABO Operations.