CPQ allows you to manage assets through contracts. A contract or an agreement is a legally binding arrangement between two or more entities.


  • For the Assets and Contracts integration to work, the following packages must be available in your org:
    • Conga Contract Lifecycle Management
    • Conga Quote CLM Integration
    • Conga CLM Configuration Integration
  • The Auto Create Order setting in Comply System Properties must be enabled if you want to create an order and asset as soon as an agreement is activated.

How asset and contract flows work

There are two process flows you must consider:

  • Contract + Proposal Flow: In this flow, both Contract and Quote/Proposal are involved.
  • Contract Flow: In this flow, only Contract is involved (no Quote/Proposal). The assets are created through contracts/agreements using the normal contract life cycle flow. After you finalize and activate a contract (containing agreement line items), the corresponding asset line items are created.

The following table explains the CPQ behavior when the Auto Create Order setting is configured.

FlowAuto Create Order (Proposal System Properties)Auto Create Order (Comply System Properties)CPQ behavior
Contract + Proposal FlowFalseTrueA Quote/Proposal is created followed by a Contract. The Asset Line Items and Order Line Items are created when you activate a Contract.
Contract FlowFalseTrueContract is created without a Quote/Proposal. The Asset and Order Line Items are created when you activate a Contract.

It is recommended to refrain from enabling Auto Activate Order from Comply System Properties and Proposal System Properties simultaneously.

The Conga Contract Lifecycle Management package version must be 8.4.0325 (8.325.1) or higher to use the features mentioned above.