As a Sales Rep, you will receive a notification when the collaborator submits the completed configuration. The collaboration icon displays a yellow exclamation mark after Collaborator submits the configuration. You can review the changes before proceeding to merge them with the original configuration. When you merge the configuration the line item in the original configuration is overwritten by line item in the Collaborator's configuration. If the changes made to the configuration submitted by the Collaboration are not acceptable, you may reject the request for collaboration request by cancelling it.

If the Collaborator has replaced the line item from the configuration, the old line item is deleted from your cart and a new line item is created in its place when you merge the collaboration request. If the Collaborator added a new product, a new line item is created on the Cart. You can delete a line item after the collaboration request is closed, the copy of configuration the Collaborator has from the collaboration request is updated accordingly.

After all the collaboration request is closed, you can finalize the cart.

To merge the collaboration request 

  1. Click the collaboration icon () for the line item the Collaborator worked on to open the Quote Collaboration pop-up.
  2. Review the changes under the Assigned Products and Completed Configuration on the pop-up. Click More Details to view the configuration in read-only mode.
  3. Perform any one of the following actions:
    1. Click Merge to accept the configuration submitted by the collaborator and to merge the line item with the original configuration.
    2. In case if further collaboration is required, you can update the fields in the configuration, and on the Quote Collaboration pop-up click Update to assign the collaboration task back to the collaborator. This is useful in a scenario when you are negotiating a transfer price or you need to further request additional changes in the configuration submitted by the collaborator.
    3. You can change the user and assign the collaboration request to someone else.
    4. If the changes are not acceptable, click Cancel to cancel the collaboration request. 

As a Sales Rep, you have the ability to make changes to the configuration request details and you can re-submit the same configuration to the same collaborator or to someone else, without losing previously merged configuration. When you change the configuration request owner and re-assigns the same configuration to someone else, the previous collaborator receives the cancellation notification email.

When you update a Completed or Merged configuration, the status of such collaboration request reverts to Submitted, and the Collaborator receives an email notification.

While using Cost and Profitability functionality with Quote Collaboration, if the collaborator and the Sales Rep are from different business units and the collaborator sends a price which becomes one of the cost elements of the Sales Users cart and this price is negotiated, you must use multi-tier as the collaboration type. In Peer-to-peer collaboration, the only difference is that the merge copies over entire line items rather than merging field values based on transfer price map and merge field set.

Consider that a parent cart has a product and that product is already collaborated by the Collaborator. Originally collaborated line item should get merged as per the transfer price map and merge fieldset. The child cart now has one line item containing the product. If the Quote Collaborator added the same line item and performs a merge operation, the line item would be overridden during the merge operation. After the merge operation, if two line items have the same product, and the collaborator performs a merge operation, the line items are saved as individual records.