Unless you override the List Price, the price of the asset depends on the values you enter for defined the Price List Item fields under the Tax and Billing tab. Before you make changes to an asset, consider the pricing settings done on the product PLI. For more information, see Defining Tax and Billing for Products.

If you select the Is Asset Pricing checkbox on the Proposal Line Item detail page, when you Renew, Swap, Change, or Terminate the asset, CPQ accounts for any list price overrides on the original order to compute the price of the asset.

CPQ applies Price Escalator on new ramp lines created during ABO operations regardless of the Default Asset Pricing Indicator? setting (true or false). A new ramp line always gets its value from the price list item (PLI) pricing. For more information, see Use Case: Applying Price Escalator on New Ramp Lines During ABO Operations.