Use the Reprice Quote feature to reprice all the parameters with a single click from the Quote/Proposal page.

Pricing is determined by Quote header level parameters. Normally after the first time Quote configuration is completed, and you were to adjust the Quote level parameters, you had to go back to the shopping cart to Reprice. Doing this one by one and then repricing is time-consuming and ineffective. With the Reprice Quote button, there is no need to do this, you can change product pricing and/or rules, and click the Reprice Quote button to reprice all the parameters without going to the cart page.

To reprice a quote from the Quote/Proposal page

You must complete a quote configuration at least once.

  1. Navigate to the Proposals tab and select a proposal.
  2. Click Reprice Quote.

All the quote level parameters are repriced on the Quote/Proposal page.