The Mini-Cart provides you a brief overview of all products that you configured from the product catalog. When you click the cart icon () on the toolbar, the following functionalities are available for you on the Mini-Cart.

  • The wrench icon () next to the product name navigates to go the Configuration page of the bundle product or a product with attributes.
  • To remove a selected product, click the delete icon () on the Mini-Cart.
  • The Net Price is calculated based on the product configuration. The Grand Total is the sum of the net price of individual products.
  • The View Cart button navigates to the Cart page.
  • Click Finalize to finalize the configuration and go to the quote/proposal page. If there are any validation errors due to the configuration of products, constraint rules, or pricing rules, the Confirm Finalization window is displayed prompting you to confirm whether you want to finalize the cart, with warning messages.
    • Click OK. The cart is finalized.
    • Click Cancel to resolve the errors.