Price List Items contain detailed pricing information about a product.

A product can be set up with one or more price list items. Each price list item includes the list price for the product including details of charges such as per unit, flat price, one time, recurring, and more. All the fields on a price list item are price related and impact the final price on the shopping cart. Each price list item represents different ways, a customer is charged for a product. For example: License fee, Implementation fee, and more. Price list items are categorized into price lists.

Navigating the Price List Items Tab on a Price List

When you launch the Price List Items tab on a price list on the UI, all the existing price list items in the price list are listed on this tab along with their details. There are various functionalities available for you to manage the price list items.

Price list item search

You can narrow down the price list items using the search feature. In basic search, you can search for a price list item using keywords. For example, you can search using the name of the price list item. 

  1. In the Search this list field, enter a keyword related to your price list item name.
  2. Click the search icon  or press Enter. CPQ returns all price list items that contain that keyword in the price list item names.

Actions available on this tab

  • Click Add New to create a new price list items.
  • Click the ellipsis icon next to a price list item name to add a charge type to a product or delete an existing price list item.
  • Click the advanced setup icon  next to a price list item name to add configure advanced settings for an existing price list item.
  • Click the product name link to open the product details page.
  • Update the following details in a price list item:
    • Charge Type
    • List Price
    • Price Type
    • Frequency
    • Price Method
  • Use the Active switch to activate or deactivate a price list item.
  • Discard any changes you performed to the price list items.
  • Save any changes you performed to the price list items.

Items per page

At the bottom of the tab, you can see the total count of price list items available. You can control the number of price list items to be displayed on each tab. You can select the number of price list items from a predefined list. You cannot configure this list. By default, you see 20 records on each tab.

By default, you can sort 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 price list items per tab using the Rows per tab drop-down. This feature works in association with the search and filter functions to display search records per tab. You can use the < and > buttons to move to the next or the previous tabs. You can also jump to a certain tab using the tab search component.