This API abandons the product configuration using the ID. The record is kept or deleted based on the configuration in the Keep Abandoned Carts field in Config System Properties. If Keep Abandoned Carts is enabled, the API changes the status of the product configuration to Abandoned,  removes unreferenced totaling groups, and writes activity logs by creating a task. The API cancels the Quote Collaboration requests along with abandoning the cart. The API also executes any callbacks that must be executed before deleting a line item. 


webService static void abandonConfiguration(Id configId)

Request Parameter
configIdIDThe ID of product configuration you want to abandon.

Code Sample

The below sample code allows you to delete the configuration record and the related line item associated with the configuration. In this case, the Keep Abandoned Carts field is disabled.

 * The below method demonstrates how to delete product configuration.
public void abondonConfigurationID (String proposalName) 
	Apttus_Config2__ProductConfiguration__c productConfig = [SELECT Id 
															FROM  Apttus_Config2__ProductConfiguration__c 
															WHERE Apttus_QPConfig__Proposald__r.Name = :proposalName
															LIMIT 1];
    Apttus_Config2.CPQWebService.abandonConfiguration (productConfig.Id);