The Manage Rules page in the CPQ Admin user interface holds all the details of the existing constraint rules, product attribute rules, and attribute values matrices that you created. You can see them listed in the left-hand side pane. You can search, open, update, or create different rules from the Manage Rules page. In CPQ Admin, Go to the Products tab and from the dropdown click Manage Rules. There are various functionalities available for you to manage rules.

Rule Details

You can search for a rule on the Manage Rules page using the Search bar. You must search using any keyword that the rule name contains. You can filter out the different types of rules listed on the page. Click different icons that represent different rules to filter them. 

  • Constraint Rule icon  ()
  • Product Attribute Rule icon()
  • Attribute Value Matrix icon()

 Click the rule name to view the related information in the center pane. The fields Rule Name, Sequence, Effective Date, Bundle ContextActive and, Description are displayed on the center pane. You can update the rules on this page as well. 

New Rules

You can create new rules using the New Constraint RulesNew Product Attribute Rule and New Attribute Value Matrix buttons on the Manage Rules page. The below table mentions the list of topics you can refer to create different rules.

Constraint RulesCreating Constraint Rules
Product Attribute RulesCreating Product Attribute Rules
Attribute Value MatrixCreating Attribute Value Matrices

You can start following the instructions from Step 5 in the abovementioned topics to create the rules.