The Smart Cart feature allows you to manage the cart with a large number of line items. In the Smart Cart flow, line items are priced in groups that are divided based on the threshold and split criteria. The threshold defines the number of line items in a group. The split criteria list the fields based on which the line items are grouped. The threshold and split criteria are defined by the administrator in Split Cart Threshold and Split Cart Criteria Fields settings respectively, in Config System Properties.

Like the regular cart, in the Smart Cart flow, you can configure and add products to the cart. Once you add the products to the cart, you can use the pricing functionalities like adjustments, tiers promotions to adjust the pricing of the line items. Submit the cart for pricing after you finish applying all the adjustments. Click Submit for Pricing (Async). Pricing of the line items in the Smart Cart flow is processed differently than the regular cart. For more information, see About Smart Cart Pricing.

Once the pricing is calculated, finalize the cart. After the finalization, a hierarchy of configurations is generated within your quote. The quote consists of the Main Configuration, a Config Configuration, and Pricing configurations. The Main Configuration consists of the Config Configuration and the Config Configuration lists all the Pricing Configuration. The Pricing Configurations represent the groups that are created based on the threshold and the split criteria. Each Pricing Configuration consists of the proposal line items the belong to that particular group.

You can reconfigure the finalized cart. In the Smart Cart flow, when you reconfigure a finalized cart,  CPQ uses the saved product configuration to build the cart again. Any changes you make to the cart are stored in the same configuration. The saved configuration is not superseded with a new copy of the configuration. You can sync the cart lines with the opportunity using the Synchronize with Opportunity button after generating the quote.

To enable the Smart Cart flow

To use the Smart Cart feature, on the Quote details page, set the field QTC Profile to Split. When you make this change, CPQ switches to Smart Cart flow.

Smart Cart feature does not support the following functionalities:

  • Analyze Quote
  • Asset-based operations such as Renew, Change, Swap, Terminate
  • Constraint Rules are only supported in client-side execution mode
  • Cost Model
  • Creation of Assets
  • Deal Guidance
  • Favorite Catalog
  • Line level Approval and Cart-Level Approval (Product Configuration Approval)
  • Order Generation
  • Order Management Amend, Cancel operations
  • Related Pricing
  • Sales & Summary group Promotion
  • Service CPQ
  • Total level discounting
  • Default Document Generation