You can use this functionality to add additional charges that are not SKU-related such as shipping charges or sales tax to the quote. These charges are not associated with any product. When you add a miscellaneous item, a new line item is created in the cart and is cascaded to proposal line item and order line item.

To add a miscellaneous item

Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Cart page.
  2. Click Add Miscellaneous Item. The Add Miscellaneous Item pop-up is displayed.
  3. Enter the following details on the pop-up and click OK.

    Charge Type

    Select the type of charge you want to add to the cart. By default, the charge types Shipping and Handling and Sales Tax are displayed, but your administrator can add more types.

    AmountEnter the amount you want to charge.
    DescriptionEnter the description.

    You cannot modify the miscellaneous line items once you add them to Cart. You must delete and add the miscellaneous line item again if you want to modify the record.

After you click OK, a new line item with Charge Type as the name is created on the Cart page. Click the name to view miscellaneous line item details. When you finalize the cart, the miscellaneous item is added to the quote as a proposal line item. After you accept the quote, an order is generated and an order line item is added for the miscellaneous item on the generated order.