The Options tab display the option product and associated price for a bundle. You can control how the options price rollup to the bundle price. You can also control the display of options adjustments on the pricing cart page.

To manually adjust options pricing for a bundle

You must have an existing price list item.

  1. Select an existing price list item, click the more icon (), and click Advanced.
  2. Click the OPTIONS tab.
  3. Enter information in one or more of the following editable columns:

    Adjustment Amount

    Enter an amount to adjust the options price.

    For Optional bundle, if you apply a discount on the bundle level, it is not populated in the Adjustment Amount and Adjustment Type field on the option.

    Discount is getting applied on the line Items, however, Adj Type and Amount fields are not getting populated for line items and Adj Type and Amount field are not getting cleared from the bundle product.

    Adjustment TypeSelect an adjustment type.
    Price Included In BundleSelect to include the price with the bundle product. Selecting Price Included in Bundle sets the Adjustment Amount to zero and Adjustment Type to Price Override. This means the option price is included in the bundle price and therefore is free.
    Allow Manual AdjustmentSelect this to enable the end user to make manual adjustments. Manual adjustments are done through the adjustment type and amount fields on the pricing cart page.
    Allocate Group AdjustmentSelect this to include the product in a manual group discount, if applied, on the pricing cart page.
  4. Click Save.

The option price for a bundle is adjusted and saved.

Enabled Group Adjustment Spread and Enforced Min/Max Net %

  • You can prevent the sales reps from applying any line level adjustments on one or more items in the cart because these items are sold at the price that CPQ calculates.
  • If you have enabled the Enable Adjustment Spread custom setting and disabled the Allow Manual Adjustment on a line item, then CPQ sets the Allocate Group Adjustment as read-only for that line item. Note that the sales reps cannot use Mass Update to update the Allocate Group Adjustment flag.
  • This feature is based on client side pricing framework, hence you must set Enable Auto Reprice to True.
  • After configuring the Min Net % and Max Net % on a price list item, you cannot apply the manual price adjustment outside of Min/Max Net % range.
  • You can give percentage-based discounts for configuring a quote with a desired price by using group adjustment spread when you have Min/Max Net % associated with the line items.
  • This feature can be used only if the bundle has no price of its own. This is because the allocation of group adjustments is only to the options and the bundle’s own price will not be adjusted.
  • Ability to set Minimum and Maximum Net Adjustment % is enabled only when “Enable Auto Reprice” is turned ON.

    To use Min/Max Net %, you must ensure that the Adjustment Applies To field is empty.

Conversion of Group Adjustments when bundle and options have ramps

Group Adjustment Spread provides you easiness of applying a group adjustment with the flexibility of a line level adjustment. You can update the adjustment type and amount on a bundle or summary group line and on reprice, the group adjustment gets replaced by line level adjustments on the options or standalone products.

Use Case 1:

When the bundle has three ramps with Start Date and End Date as:

Start DateEnd Date

Then suppose there are options with ramp lines with the same dates. In that scenario, if you apply an adjustment to one of the ramp lines, only the corresponding ramp line gets adjusted and the other ramp lines remain the same. If a bundle does not have ramps, but the options have ramps in that case adjustment spreads to all the ramp lines.

Use Case 2:

If a bundle has a total price of $600, price override of $300, and one of the options has three ramp lines with extended prices of $100 each, then each of the option gets a price override of $50 (assuming all the options of the bundle are eligible and the corresponding option has flat rollup method).

  • You can use the Group Adjustment Spread functionality even if the bundles have sub-bundles.

  • Group Adjusument Spread functionality works for Discount Amount, Markup Amount and Price Override as well for the conversion of amount-based bundle adjustments to option adjustments.

  • You can quicly apply adjustments using the Group Adjustment Spread functionality, althogh you have optional cart line items.