You can apply miscellaneous pricing to a product from the Miscellaneous tab.

This tab enables you to do the following:

  • You can include an option price in a bundle.
  • You can enable price ramps if a product is rampable, and enable commitments.
  • You can control if a usage tier can be modified or not.
  • You can manually adjust options pricing for a bundle. You can also control how the options price rollup to the bundle price and display of options adjustments on the pricing cart page.

To apply miscellaneous pricing to a product

You must have an existing price list item.

  1. Select an existing price list item, click the more icon (), and click Advanced.
  2. Click the MISCELLANEOUS tab.
  3. Select the following options as required:

    Price Included In BundleSelect to include the price with the bundle product. Selecting Price Included in Bundle sets the Adjustment Amount to zero and Adjustment Type to Price Override. This means the option price is included in the bundle price and therefore is free.
    Enable Price RampsSelect this check box to make a product price rampable.
    Enable CommitmentSelect this to enable commitment.
    Is Usage Tier ModifiableSelect this check box to enable an end user to modify the usage tier.
    Disable Asset Integration

    Select to prevent the creation of asset corresponding to this product during the quote process. For now, you can disable asset creation only for standalone products.
    It is recommended not to block asset creation because it hinders the preferable system flow of asset creation on quote acceptance. Once you install Conga Billing version 4.97 installed or later, order activation continues as billing now ignores any line without an asset id. You cannot see bills created for those orders because there is no asset.

    CPQ does not support suppression of bundle products and does not encourage suppression of standalone products.

    Allow Manual AdjustmentSelect this to enable the end user to make manual adjustments. Manual adjustments are done through the adjustment type and amount fields on the pricing cart page.
    Allocate Group AdjustmentSelect this to include the product in a manual group discount, if applied, on the pricing cart page.
    Enable Auto Ramp CreationSelect this check box to auto generate ramp line creation for the 2nd charge type, if price ramp is enabled for the first charge type.
    Allow ProrationSelect to allow proration. On the Cart page, to make Selling Frequency editable by the user, this check box must be selected.
    Disable Cost ModelSelect this check box to disable cost model and therefore, cost line items are not created when a product is added to the cart.
  4. Click Save.

Miscellaneous pricing items applied to a product and saved.