You need to associate options with options groups to use them in a bundle.


You must have an existing Option product and an Option Group category.

To Associate Options to Option Groups

  1. On App Menu, click Apttus CPQ Admin and then click the CPQAdmin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Products menu, click Manage Option Groups.
  3. Search and click the options group to open the option group details page.
  5. Drag and drop all the options you want to add in the options group from the All Product list. You can search for the options using the search bar.
  6. Click Save.

Option products are associated with an option group. Next, you must associate option group to a bundle product through an option group.

To Associate Options to Option Groups within a Bundle

  1. On the Manage Products page, open the products details page of the bundle.
  2. Click Structure.
  3. Click the shortcut icon () under New Shared Option Group button. Option Hierarchy panel is displayed.
  4. On the Option Hierarchy panel select a category from the dropdown menu.
  5. Drag and drop desired option group and options from the Option Hierarchy pane.
  6. Click Save.

When you modify an option group that is associated with multiple bundles, all the associated bundles are affected.

Select the Cascade Group Changes field on the Product Option Group details page to enable a warning message when you modify any shared option group.